Veterinarian, Master of Science

and positive training advocate...

My life before becoming a veterinarian was a windy road. I wanted to be a veterinarian in grade 6, but I was afraid of having to put animals down. I explored other career ideas, and still came back to working with animals, including working as a zoo keeper. 

I am a 2016 proud alumni of the Western College of Veterinary Medicine (WCVM) and Master of Science graduate in Veterinary Biomedical Science from the University of Saskatchewan in 2017.


Graduating with distinction from my Doctor of Veterinary Medicine program and from my Bachelor of Science in Zoology program from the University of Calgary was no easy feat, but I have been in school for so many years, that it feels like I am just starting to live!

I started this blog as a place to write my thoughts, as a way to help with the anxiety and stress of my job and even life itself.

These are my stories, and I encourage you to share yours.

Kind Regards,

Dr. Serena 

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