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Welcome to the Home Page of my personal blog! 

Please remember that these are my own thoughts and meant to create a window into my mind, showing a Day in the Life of this Veterinarian.

We have every day struggles, just as everyone would, and then we have an immense amount of work related stress, on top of those every day struggles.

We suffer from mental health conditions, including anxiety and depression, and we need to find an outlet for those thoughts. This blog is one of my outlets. What do you struggle with that writing your thoughts down could help you with?

How to Navigate my Blog

If you have been following along, you may have noticed that I have a ton of interests! I have broken this blog into categories. I created a new drop down menu to navigate to specific topics - scroll over the menu above.


Under Pet Health and Nutrition you are going to find some case information. A lot of it is geared towards veterinary students, as I hope that when they run into some of these cases, it helps them think through the cases. 

The newest feature on the blog is the area of Indi's Reviews - you can find this from Indi's Home Page

I also talk about my struggles with anxiety and depression - the whole reason I started this blog - mostly under Taking Care of You

I started a new category for My Fertility Journey - essentially, this is where I am dumping my brain from all the things I am learning about how to conceive when you are a professional female, who put off having children until her late 30's.

I hope that this blog page will have something for you! Enjoy!

Dental Month

Dental month is coming. To be honest, I hate dental month. You know why? Because EVERY month should be dental month! Dental disease is the one disease that affects ALL cats and dogs, at some point in their lives. In some cases, the dental disease is so severe that we are having to take teeth out. Worse... when the teeth are falling out. I had a dental booked for today. A senior patient who I suspect never had a dental cleaning, and didn’t have any home care. After the x-rays were taken and teeth were charted, I expected to remove nine teeth. I called the owner to let her know. She was shocked and said - but she’s still eating! Of course she is, because eating is survival and she needs to eat

Let’s Talk

January 29th is Bell’s Let’s Talk - mental health awareness day. The CVMA hosted a webinar, but I was at work during that time. So? Let’s talk now! I was not aware that I was depressed. Not until my husband mentioned, after receiving some criticism from me, that it would be nice if I could smile for once [when nagging or criticizing]. The problem was, I was too empty at the time to have any happy emotions. I knew through vet school and living in the cold prairie provinces, that I did not do well during winter, when I never see the light of day. My husband mentioned that if I needed help, that I was doing everyone a disservice by not getting help. I started Zoloft about five weeks ago now. Th

Winter Running

I went to a psychologist a few weeks ago to talk about my Seasonal Depression. She said that there are ways to help. Everyone knows that exercise is great for your mood. You get an increase in your natural endorphins. My exercise of choice is Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Aside from being a full-body workout, a balance of cardio/endurance and strength training, it is an activity that requires your full attention. Similar to rock climbing, you have to have a lot of focus on the sport. In fact, it requires 100% of your focus, or you will lose. Not that losing is bad, and winning isn’t just beating your opponent, but winning over your own mind. BJJ brings out instinct. If you instinctively panic while u

Pancreatitis in Pups

Last night, I didn't want to stay up and write. I worked closing shift, and the day went by fairly quickly. All owners were really great, and there were a few Doodles who were spunky to keep me laughing at their antics. One patient in particular that I was going to mention has been in several times. He was diagnosed with pancreatitis last week. The owner wants to do everything she can for her pup, because he is her baby. She does not have children, so he is her child. She told me last night, in a non-offensive way, that the reason she chose to feed her dog the diet she chose was because when she looks at the ingredients, she sees "chicken" versus "chicken meal", and chicken sounds a lot bett

Depression and Happiness

I was telling my husband the other day that 2020 was going to be our year. He's had some positive feedback with his work projects, we're trying to build a family, and I have just started getting a handle on my depression. Depression in veterinary medicine is nothing new. Suicide is not uncommon, and even affects people who aren't little me and you, but 'famous' veterinarians too. Take Dr. Sophia Yin for instance. How?? Depression is a complicated thing. It's not just sadness, it's not just you want to no longer live, and for me, I function somewhat normally when I have outlets for my stress and anxiety. Prior to Christmas, I took an online test for depression, that was pretty darn close to t

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