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Welcome to the Home Page of my personal blog! 

Please remember that these are my own thoughts and meant to create a window into my mind, showing a Day in the Life of this Veterinarian.

We have every day struggles, just as everyone would, and then we have an immense amount of work related stress, on top of those every day struggles.

We suffer from mental health conditions, including anxiety and depression, and we need to find an outlet for those thoughts. This blog is one of my outlets. What do you struggle with that writing your thoughts down could help you with?

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If you have been following along, you may have noticed that I have a ton of interests! I have broken this blog into categories. I created a new drop down menu to navigate to specific topics - scroll over the menu above.


Under Pet Health and Nutrition you are going to find some case information. A lot of it is geared towards veterinary students, as I hope that when they run into some of these cases, it helps them think through the cases. 

The newest feature on the blog is the area of Indi's Reviews - you can find this from Indi's Home Page

I also talk about my struggles with anxiety and depression - the whole reason I started this blog - mostly under Taking Care of You

I started a new category for My Fertility Journey - essentially, this is where I am dumping my brain from all the things I am learning about how to conceive when you are a professional female, who put off having children until her late 30's.

I hope that this blog page will have something for you! Enjoy!

IVF Funded List

This week, we found out that our funded cycle for IVF would occur in October. The original plan, since I was told that the waitlist was 9-12 months, was to pay for one IVF cycle, and bank those embryos. We have always wanted to have two children, but as luck, and age, would have it, we may not be able to. IF, with a big I-F, we get several embryos that are genetically normal, that would be a fluke. So what does this mean? We had completed our karyotype testing and were waiting for results. We got these results a few weeks ago. Everything was normal - yay! My period had already started, so there goes another moon cycle of time. So the next period wasn't due until the beginning of September. A

New Puppy

Who doesn’t want to see a new puppy?? One of our assistants got a new puppy! She got weaned early, they think because the dam may have had mastitis. She definitely brightens my day! So why not yours??

Supernumerary Teeth

Today’s dental case was a 4 year old male neutered Burmese cat. He is a very sweet patient that I saw recently for his wellness and booster vaccines. The biggest abnormality that I saw was some crowding of the teeth and gingivitis, with mild dental calculus. I can’t say he was very compliant for his oral examination, but I discussed with the owner about the crowded teeth and had recommended a dental, thinking it was his breed and smooshy face. Today, we anesthetized, and the veterinary technician took dental x-rays. When it came time to chart his teeth after the x-rays were taken, I realized that the teeth were not poorly erupted adult teeth with retained deciduous teeth, but supernumerary t

The General Practitioner's Approach to Cytology

I love cytology. But I'm not a specialist in the area. I always tell my clients that my goal is to acquire a diagnostic sample. A sample that, with the clinical picture, a clinical pathologist can make a diagnosis, or at least a best guess answer to the problem. There are some that are quick and easy, and in fact, I tend not to stain them or send them now because they wash off the slide. These would be lipomas. But some of the suspected lipomas will have something cellular on the slide, and if I can't recognize the cells, it gets sent away. Many folks take a wait and see approach, and some will sample everything. I am somewhere in the middle. A fine needle aspiration (FNA) is a non-invasive

How can YOU help your veterinarian?

The next time that you hear or see a bad review about a veterinarian, you should share this TED talk with them. “...every perceived failure, every time we have to euthanize a pet because we are unable to help, every time we have a negative client interaction, or if there is a bad review of us online, it slowly chips away at our humanity, and our love for this profession.” This TED talk really resonated with me tonight. I had just been lamenting with one of my veterinary assistants on an angry client. Said angry client left without paying for the consultation fee and told the assistant that we can expect a bad review. I get upset when people focus on the bad reviews online. There are always t

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