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Welcome to the Home Page of my personal blog! 

Please remember that these are my own thoughts and meant to create a window into my mind, showing a Day in the Life of this Veterinarian.

We have every day struggles, just as everyone would, and then we have an immense amount of work related stress, on top of those every day struggles.

We suffer from mental health conditions, including anxiety and depression, and we need to find an outlet for those thoughts. This blog is one of my outlets. What do you struggle with that writing your thoughts down could help you with?

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If you have been following along, you may have noticed that I have a ton of interests! I have broken this blog into categories. I created a new drop down menu to navigate to specific topics - scroll over the menu above.


Under Pet Health and Nutrition you are going to find some case information. A lot of it is geared towards veterinary students, as I hope that when they run into some of these cases, it helps them think through the cases. 

The newest feature on the blog is the area of Indi's Reviews - you can find this from Indi's Home Page

I also talk about my struggles with anxiety and depression - the whole reason I started this blog - mostly under Taking Care of You

I started a new category for My Fertility Journey - essentially, this is where I am dumping my brain from all the things I am learning about how to conceive when you are a professional female, who put off having children until her late 30's.

I hope that this blog page will have something for you! Enjoy!

Why You Should Spay Your Cat: Pyometra

My first pyometra surgery was a few years back. A fairly young cat, maybe 5 years of age. The prognosis for a young female with a pyometra is good when you catch them early and get them spayed. Well, earlier this month, we had a case of pyometra in a three-year-old female intact, fully indoor cat. The owner woke up that morning, and there was blood on her floor. There was a bit of a panic, and she booked an appointment with me. I took a history, found out that she wasn't spayed, my technician triaged her. Her temperature was 38.6 degrees Celsius, which is in normal range for a cat. The only thing abnormal on her physical exam was that she had bloody discharge coming from her vulva. I threw t

Dog tests Positive for COVID-19 in Ontario

A friend of mine shared this news article with me... This is not really anything surprising, a dog that has tested positive for COVID-19, and is currently not experiencing symptoms. As Dr. Weese from Worms and Germs has previously said, dogs can "get" the virus SARS-CoV2, but thus far have not been ill from the virus (unlike cats). Check out this news article where they are interviewing Dr. Scott Weese (an expert in diseases in animals: Chief of Infection Control at the University of Guelph's Ontario Veterinary College). When a dog (or human) tests positive (and for the sake of this blog post - a true positive test, not a false positive test), they have detected the genetic material of the v

Priming for IVF

I previously wrote on the benefits of DHEA prior to IVF. I believe I already mentioned that DHEA is only available by prescription in Canada, and it seems that very few women going through IVF are offered this as a means to improve their antral follicular count, including my own reproductive specialist. What my RE is recommending is priming the ovaries using Estrace and Androgel. So, let's check to see what these are and what they do in the IVF protocol Estrace Estrace is the brand name for the hormone estradiol. Estradiol is a form of estrogen. In the natural body, the antral follicles produce Estradiol. In a rough sense, the dominant follicle produces more, because it is larger, and this c

President Trump Tests Positive for COVID-19

There is a lot of scrutiny on the medical team for President Trump. My husband is ranting at the announcements, believing that the doctors are lying. It is so tough to be a doctor, which you are obligated in the interest of the patient to not disclose information. Yet, here the reporters are jumping down the physicians throat. When the physician says he does not know if President Trump's pulsoximetry was reading 93% or 94% and whether the nursing team needed to apply supplemental oxygen, he truly may not know. Physicians cannot stand beside their patients in their PPE all day and night. I am sorry. There is a reason that there is a medical team. But what I was interested in was the use of de

Coming "Home"

I have a small and yet exciting announcement I wanted to share. I officially signed a contract to start at a new practice in B.C. This weekend, I am studying for my licensing for that province. For those of you who know me, or have been reading along, I was born and raised in B.C. I moved away from "home" in 2008 in pursuit of my veterinary career. After jumping provinces, I then was in Saskatoon for my veterinary school. Finally landing in Toronto for the past three years. I have been practicing in the GTA as a small animal practitioner. This is slightly different than what I was planning on doing. Prior to my acceptance into veterinary school, I wanted to start in a mixed animal practice,

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