COVID-19: Urgent versus Non-Urgent Veterinary Care

We’ve been highly encouraging pet owners to take advantage of our telemedicine during COVID-19. Some patients however, we cannot tell if this is an immediate life-threatening condition. Things like an acute abdomen can go either way. However, Dr. Weese has posted this triage flow chart to help determine which animals need a physical examination and which ones can be handled through telemedicine. Spays and neuters - while important, and as veterinarians we know that spays of females will help reduce their risk of mammary carcinoma and pyometra - are not urgent. They will need to be postponed until we can safely interact with owners. Nail trims and grooming are also non-essential. However, a healthy length of nail prevents overgrowth and nails embedding into paw pads. I posted this How to Trim Your Pet’s Nails blog post with links to videos. I hope that helps!

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